Cheap Wii Games under £5

This is a list of the cheapest Wii games available in the UK. All of these Wii games are under £5.

Truth or Lies: Someone Will Get Caught - £1.98. Save £2.01Truth or Lies: Someone Will Get Caught£1.98£2.01
Battle Of the Bands - £2.98. Save --Battle Of the Bands£2.98--
Rock Band: Song Pack 1 - £3.38. Save £0.03Rock Band: Song Pack 1£3.38£0.03
Trauma Center: New Blood - £3.78. Save £1.07Trauma Center: New Blood£3.78£1.07
The Godfather: The Blackhand Edition - £3.99. Save --The Godfather: The Blackhand Edition£3.99--
My Word Coach - £4.18. Save £2.92My Word Coach£4.18£2.92
Mensa Academy - £4.68. Save --Mensa Academy£4.68--
Mind Body & Soul: Nutrition Matters - £4.68. Save £2.23Mind Body and Soul: Nutrition Matters£4.68£2.23
Cursed Mountain - £4.85. Save --Cursed Mountain£4.85--
Hannah Montana: Spotlight World Tour - £4.98. Save £0.34Hannah Montana: Spotlight World Tour£4.98£0.34
Abba: You Can Dance - £4.98. Save £1.00Abba: You Can Dance£4.98£1.00

There are many Wii games that have budget prices of £5 and below. When games have been released for a certain amount of time their price is often reduced and these Wii games become very cheap. These sorts of bargain Wii games make very good stocking fillers.